Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Module C: Outer Space is the Place - Midterm Comparative Critique and Analysis

Module C:  Outer Space is the Place - Midterm Comparative Critique and Analysis.

1) Monday, October 7th (this class will run past our 9:45pm end time)

Screening:  2001: A Space Odyssey, 1968, British, Directed by Stanley Kubrick
(I am working on securing a wide screen HD projected venue for this, more info soon as to the location)

and...View in Theaters! Opening October 4th 

Gravity, American, 2013, Directed by Alfonso Cuaron
(you don't need to view this by Monday but will need to in order to complete the writing assignment described below)

No assigned Reading for this week - midterm...
Due: Monday, October 21st!
Midterm Paper: You are to write a critical review and comparative analysis regarding the 1968 film 2001: A Space Oddyssey and the 2013 release of Gravity.  Conduct basic research regarding both films, screen the films then write a 5 page, minimum 1500 words, double spaced midterm essay.  Follow the writing guidelines link I sent you earlier in the terms in developing your critical, comparative analysis.  Please write your essay from the third person perspective.  Please turn in one copy printed and also post to your blogs please!  

2) Monday, October 14th
Screening:  The Planet of the Apes, 112 minutes, USA, Director Franklin J. Schaffner

Read for discussion: 
Signifying Monkeys: Politics and Story-Telling in the Planet of the Apes Series by Richard von Busack xeroxed essay. 

There is no film on reserve for this particular week, work on your midterm papers please!

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