Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Final Writing Assignment! Where No Sci-Fi Film Had Gone Before!

Final Writing Assignment: Where no Science Fiction Film has gone before...

Due: Monday, December 9th!  Please post to blog and bring a print version to turn in.

Your task:
Create an original "treatment" for a science fiction film.  Avoid using any of the cliches, tropes and stereotypes of sci-fi filmmaking that we identified as a group in class this past week.  

You are to create a completely original concept for a science fiction film.  Consider all the films and readings we have experienced over the course of the semester and your understanding of the sci-fi genre as examples.  Consider the representations of characters, gender, sexuality, location and the general narrative structures that are so prevalent in the history of the genre.

Create a 3-4 page "treatment" or "screenplay proposal" that briefly outlines the story, characters, sets/location, motifs, etc.  Look up "treatment" and "screenplay" online as there are hundreds of links with advice on how to write such - what you are making of course is much shorter than what one would typically be submitted for consideration.  Just be absolutely sure you have clearly stated your idea to the reader.  You may as well be creative with this, some might prefer to write an imagined "review" of the film (of course it has not yet been made, but imagine a critic writing about your film).  
Feel free to include any illustrations of characters, locations, etc.  (this is not required). Send me questions or ideas, glad to provide feedback!  

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